Saturday, August 16, 2014


I have been really excited lately because I have been learning to watercolor. That's right, I found a WONDERFUL teacher named Lynn Diamente from Columbia City IN who shows her paintings at the Orchard Gallery in Ft Wayne In.I don't think she has a web site. She is a wonderful artist and shares all her info so well. I'm very excited. My Mr Ken and I went to Chicago over the weekend and I was very excited to see the modern wing of the Chicago Art Institute. It was almost blinding! It was so white and light. Beautiful. Before we came home we walked to the Navy Pier where there was a small obscure gallery of Tiffany glass windows. I thought how like watercolor they were with their glowing properties. The next thought I had was "Gee, wouldn't I be good practice for me to draw and paint these? Well, we'll see. I guess they sell the designs in Dover books for people to make windows and transoms, so why not paint them? It would be good practice without the worry of composition. We'll see. This painting obsession is not new. I have been painting quilts for sometime. I guess I just need to take the leap of faith that painting traditionally is possible for me. Here is a picture of a painted quilt from a few years ago.
I painted sections of musical instruments on raw canvas and pieced them together. It won an award at an art show. I was floored to say the least. I will be posting more since I am now retired and this will be a diary of my progress. Wish me luck!

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I am interested in textiles and most visual art. Presently I am painting whimsical paintings. I always have a quilt in the works, and I consider quilts to be art as well.