Monday, August 24, 2015

More Quilts

This is the finished quilt with binding for the small group I belong to that meets once a week. It has a patriotic panel and everyone made the blocks the go around it. I was the one setting it all together. This was a first for creating a medallion. Not too tough as it turns out. Just add strips until it all works out! Here's a picture of a quilt that fascinated me at an accuquilt booth at the Grand Rapids Quilt Show. (Don't know who the lady is) The quilt is based on a Vasarely painting. Once I had a friend who told me that I would like Vasarely's paintings.
It does make a nice quilt though don't you think? Lastly, I'm really enjoying Krislovesfabric's blockloc blocks! Pretty slick!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hand Work

The other day I was able to work outside on our deck. For once the weather cooperated. Not too hot or rainy or mosquitoey. What bliss, hand stitching outside. I am stitching the binding on a quilt for a local group for hospice. I am one of few people who really enjoys the hand stitching of binding process. It's such a great feeling of getting the project done and putting the touch of color on the edge with simple hand stitches. I am thinking of doing some sort of quilting or patchwork by hand I am enjoying this stitching so much. I am grateful to be able to feel the needle once again on my damaged right hand. After my falling accident this past winter my fingers were numb and tingly for a long time. I am glad to finally enjoy pain free stitching again. Now what to do after this binding is done?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kathleen's Quilt

This is a very easy but completed quilt made for my cousin Kathleen who just retired. These are her favorite colors and mine too, so it was a little hard to let it go. But it's done and it lives in Illinois now. I worried about Kathleen in retirement since she doesn't have hobbies like I do. She visited over the weekend though and I think she is doing better than I am with the adjustment. My new job has been to rehab my hand and arm and Kathleen got to go to Ireland. Lucky woman! She wisely told me not to worry if nothing gets done in any given day. She says we're retired, we don't have to be accountable to anyone. I have not been able to sew or paint for several days and I feel like I've been AWOL. I've been busy with family and an upcoming visit with my daughter tomorrow. Family first! (I guess a sketchbook can go along.) I'm retired and not accountable to anyone but my hands are itching to dig into some projects! I am accountable to myself after all!

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