Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Teaching Quilting

I taught music for over thirty years including studio piano lessons. I loved it. But then there came a day when I felt I'd done all I wanted to in my school teaching. I have wanted time and energy to work on my quilting and art and find out what my "style is and improved my patchwork skills. I discovered Deb Tucker's trimming tools around the time I retired. I am over the moon with her premise which is, cut units a little larger, then trim. She has rulers that strip piece eight point stars. Holy Cow! I started with the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star. I actually walked a local group of women through the process in order to make a charity quilt. Here is a photo of the charity quilt:
I then taught a group of students at Sauder Village. Here is a student block :
These go together really well with a scant quarter inch seam. This class went really well and I had great students. I am now working on the Lemoyne Star. Deb Tucker has a ruler for this and strip pieced technique. I am teaching this Aug 15th at Sauder Village, but they need something for their publicity. I am working on a sampler that needs to be done by May 5th! Yipes! Better get busy!

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