Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cyclic Enthusiasm

I am so excited by what I'm working on right now artwise! I have been making polymer clay jewelery again. Does anybody else go from one craft to another thinking this is it I can do this thing until I die? Well, my excitement goes full tilt in a cyclic fashion. I go from art quilting to rug making to polymer clay. It seems when I learn something new or discover something new I'll think OK I AM GOING TO DO THIS AND ONLY THIS. I secretly want to be Mozart but tend to be a jack of all trades. Is there such thing as master of all?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

craft confusion

I attended a rather prestigious rug hooking show in nearby Sauder Village yesterday.Wow. Rug hookers are really serious about their craft. There was a category of original rugs that ranged from portraits to realistic images of nature and animals. I found myself asking why? Why rugs? On the other hand why not! Quilters have been serious about their craft as art for quite some time.

I have been obsessed with art quilts and have followed the progression since the mid 90's. I have worked very hard to find my own creative voice and also satisfy my curiosity of other arts and fine craft. But, I found my self asking if there is really any point to the shows, recognition etc. outside of marketing?

Like the quilt shows, most of the attendees were spending more time with the vendors rather than the show itself. I found the same circumstances at the big international Chicago quilt show I attended last spring. More time spent shopping than looking.

Oh,yes, I was an avid shopper too. In fact I bought a rug hooking kit at the quilt show and that lead me to a lesson and the local rug show I just mentioned. I certainly spent my share of the day with the vendors.

I guess at the end of the day, many of us want to make our own versions of art or craft. We go to the shows and buy the stuff and in some cases follow the careers of others in order to be a better artist or craft person. I think though, from now on, I'm more inclined to go to shows held in museums and places that are more like a gallery. I'll certainly not be tempted to bring home a car full of supplies!

By the way, this is the site of a rug hooker that I like best so far, Deanne Fitzpatrick<>

She is fabulous!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Here We Go!

I can't believe how easy is it to get one of these blogs started! I went trought the steps with the intention of helping an artist friend get hers going. So far so good. I guess it's only fair that I begin one of these myself so that I can share intesesting visuals with others. I have a daily ritual of sitting down in the AM and reading several blogs. Hopefully now I can connect with them and see what happens.

My professional life is within the realm of the performing arts but I am increasingly interested in all things visual. Currently, I'm workiing on polymer clay jewelry and painted art quilts. Yesterday I took another big step (for me) in picking up a consignment agreement for a local gallery. My goal is to ease out of my current employment at some point and be able to work on my art full time (with retirement plan in place.)

At this point, I'd like to post snippets of work and things I'm looking at. I'll be adding pictures as soon as I know how to do that! Ha! Stay Tuned

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