Monday, June 29, 2009

Amish Encounter

Yesterday Ken and I went for a walk down our little country road. We know most of our neighbors on our mile except for the people who bought the property across the road from us. As we started out, we saw an Amish buggy approaching and we all waved, smiling casually. We continued on wondering if they were the new neighbors or others. On the return we saw an Amish couple on bicyles. They stopped to chat and we found out that indeed they are the owners of the property. They built the house as a get-away and or retirement home. I get-away we thought?!!!! (I wish we had a get-away place) Anyway , they said they only live 15 miles away and it only takes an hour and a half to get here! :-) Ha! I talked to the lady whose name was Ida. I couldn't help thinking she was such a gem. I told her I was a quilter and was she? Well she said she tied her quilts but her mother had quilted. (Later Ken told me he found out this couple had raised 8 children. No wonder she didn't have time to quilt!) She offered to come over and quilt with me sometime! Now what to put in that frame...

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