Monday, June 21, 2010

New Quilt Commission

This past weekend my husband and I traveled by car to Alexandria VA where we visited my husband's brother and his wife. They have been working on remodeling their beautiful townhouse and I might add with wonderful taste! My SIL loves muted greens blues/camel/silver. Her kitchen made me think of a sequin dress, with its beautiful gray, black silver shimmery glass tile. Wow! I was very inspired.

Their bedroom upstairs is still under construction but they had chosen the wall color. Beautiful deep dusty blue. I had taken my swatch book. Robert Kaufman has a Kona cotton solids swatch book that I think I purchased from Hancocks of Paducah maybe? Anyway, before I left I was inspired as well by a blog called Cherry House Quilts. I love what she is doing with solid fabrics! I want to do that too! (I made our King size quilt from solids found in a local quilt shop) But I haven't done anything since beside start collecting more solids

Anyway, I am totally in love with Cherri House quilts. She has a book out called "City Quilts". I ran to the store the same day to buy it. I took it along to VA and what do you know! My SIL has been trying to find a quilt and wants me to do a version of City Shops. I can do this!

I am signing up for the process pledge. I hope to really document the making of this quilt and some others on this blog.

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