Monday, February 5, 2018

Mixing Fine Art and Quilting

For quite sometime I have wanted to mix fine art and quilting and have tried many ways of doing that mainly by painting on fabric. (There are many samples of unsuccessful tries and a few that made the cut but I have been unsatisfied most of the time.)
I happened to see a You Tube video last night that has changed my perspective a bit. The artist was Stefan Baumann who spoke about painting from who we are. He asked the question "What subject do you see most on your phone?" My answer was quilts of course!  My plan is now to draw/paint quilting and needlework subjects. Duh! Why didn't I think of this before!
 Here's a sketch I made last year.
Well it's a start anyway... The pincushion was my Mom's and the quilt blocks pieced by hand by a great grandmother.
Hopefully my skills will improve by taking this route. I am excited by the prospect at this point anyway!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Quilty Box!

My Mother's Day present arrived today in the form of a Quilty Box. My daughter bought a subscription for me for Christmas and I have been enjoying one of these every month since then! Lucky me! There are featured designers in each box and this month is Alex Anderson. Fabric, thread, Quilters Select tape, fusible and their 5x5 ruler. I just want to say that some one at a quilting retreat had a quilters select ruler and demoed it. It has a side that DOES NOT SLIP! I bought a 12x6 but now have a trimming ruler as well. These are really great. If you see them give one a try and see what I mean. I even like the markings better.
Any way, excuse my going on but this is my favorite box so far! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Going to the Show

This is the art quilt I made that will go to the Sauder Quilt Show. I will drop  this off tomorrow. This is paint and thread on black fabric. My last year's quilt using this technique did quite well. But we'll see. One can never count on anything where shows are concerned. I am just happy to go and enjoy everyone's work. Quilting is such a time consuming passion that we need to appreciate all the time and energy that goes into making. I really love patchwork too but have never entered one into a show. I am thrilled to get those done! Anyway, wish me luck!

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