Saturday, February 7, 2009

Down and out but still inspired

Friday I was just plain sick. I took the day off even though I hate missing. It was one of those days when the kids would have said Mrs. M. are you sick? As I laid on the couch I slept to the drone of movies and watched several of my art and or quilt movies that I've seen dozens of times before. I went to bed with Nyquill and other assorted prescription drugs.

I woke up today and still felt pretty bad . (Sinus infections are usually worse in the AM.) This afternoon I got out a DVD tutorial on Square in a square. I'm all reved up to try to make lots of traditional quilts. (Maybe they won't all be bed quilts but at least I could use them for samples and for lapquilts.)After being inspired, I'm feeling so much better this afternoon that I even walked the dog. (He's snoring as I write this) Maybe I'm on a quilt cycle now. But yet the clay becons.........

PS My husband sat down with me last night and discovered my art pictures are too big to post, so I will have to fix that before anything gets put on here.

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