Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mixed Media

These mixed media pieces were an experiments that were successful I think. I use layers of fabric and paint together with the poly clay sign. I'm thinking of transferring this idea to a canvas. My biggest problem is how to hang quilts at art shows or places to sell. Most places want a wire attached. Switching to canvas would solve this problem but then it wouldn't be a quilt anymore... Anyway, this pieces were made during my healing from a fractured elbow and shattered wrist. I am trying my best to be positive and grateful for the mobility I've regained even though I am realizing I will never be quite the same. My hand feels like the tendons are stretched too tight and recovery has been expensive and painful. But, the numbness in my fingers has disappeared and I can play the piano, use a needle and hold a paintbrush, along with many other things we take for granted. So----Love Wins! and Onward!

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I am interested in textiles and most visual art. Presently I am painting whimsical paintings. I always have a quilt in the works, and I consider quilts to be art as well.