Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Paint and Quilting

This is a sample of new work that I am excited about. I am using fabric as the underpainting, then a layer of paint, then, fabric collage, more paint, thread painting, thread sketching and polymer clay. Yes in other words, mixed-media. I am happy to work this way now. I have also solved the problem of how to depict people by using photos in the collage process. (I don't have a sample picture today but will next time.) I have a new phone with photo capabilities that I can email and so on. Finally I belong to the 21st Century. :-) I love this new process. I can change things as I go. Nothing is set in stone until the sewing stages. Oh happy day!

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I am interested in textiles and most visual art. Presently I am painting whimsical paintings. I always have a quilt in the works, and I consider quilts to be art as well.