Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cyclic Enthusiasm

I am so excited by what I'm working on right now artwise! I have been making polymer clay jewelery again. Does anybody else go from one craft to another thinking this is it I can do this thing until I die? Well, my excitement goes full tilt in a cyclic fashion. I go from art quilting to rug making to polymer clay. It seems when I learn something new or discover something new I'll think OK I AM GOING TO DO THIS AND ONLY THIS. I secretly want to be Mozart but tend to be a jack of all trades. Is there such thing as master of all?


flying fish said...

laughing...I go from beads to paint to fabric to polyclay to metal. Stations of the cross?

Crazy for Art said...

flying fish- Good answer! I keep trying to think of ways to put it all together somehow.

Michelle said...

Oh, Marie.....I have been anxiously waiting for your next post...HINT, HINT...Let's get going on this blog girlie. Really, the Posse Police may come looking if there aren't any new posts on this blog soon!!!

Crazy for Art said...

Well Michelle,
I know I need to update but I'm still working on figuring how to make my blog as pretty as yours!

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